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The virgin killer sweater sold out in a day during its’ original release in March 2017. Inspired by popular characters in Japanese anime, the virgin sweater is designed to be alluring to the opposite sex. Revealing and suggestive, the virgin killer sweater is a unique halterneck sweater with a large open keyhole back. The virgin sweater is designed to perfectly accentuate the curves of the body. Japanese phrase ‘Doutei Wo Kovosu’ suggests the sweater is so sexy it has the power to kill a virgin man, should he lay eyes upon a woman wearing it. Just like all the lingeries you wear, the Virgin Killer sweater shows a lot of skin without exposing the most intimate parts, so it remains comfortable for the person wearing it. Though the virgin killer sweater has an iconic look, the sweaters available today vary in their design, colour, and material. There is a virgin sweater to suit everyone.

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