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Halloween Must Have Gothic Accessories

Halloween is a time when gothic style really comes into its own. From dark and spooky makeup designed to thrill to elegant gothic jewelry and accessories, there are plenty of ways to add a gothic touch to your look. If you’re looking for some gothic outfit ideas and inspiration as Halloween approaches, then make sure to read on for our top picks for gothic Halloween accessories, based on the most classic and interesting costume ideas. From cute Coraline gothic jewelry to black lace gloves and diamond fishnet tights, we’ve got a wide range of gothic accessories to take your Halloween look to the next level. So grab yourself a Witch’s brew and let’s get into it!

Beetlejuice-Inspired Tights

One of the most iconic gothic characters is Beetlejuice, and what better way to channel your inner goth than with a pair of Beetlejuice-inspired tights? These statement black and white tights feature an allover print of Beetlejuice’s signature stripes, making them perfect for adding a touch of gothic glamour to any outfit. Pair  these tights with a black mini dress and some gothic jewelry for the perfect gothic Halloween look! Just remember not to say Beetlejuice more than twice, or he might just come to haunt you…

Sweeny Todd Platform Knight Boots

No gothic Halloween outfit is complete without a pair of chunky gothic platform boots, and these Sweeny Todd inspired Knight boots are the perfect choice. Sweeny Todd is, of course, the gothic character made famous by Tim Burton, and these boots feature a platform sole and gothic detailing that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re teaming them with a cute gothic dress or a pair of dark skinny jeans, these boots are sure to add an edge to your Halloween look. Plus, they also come with added height, so you can really look down at the riff-raff in true Sweeny Todd style. Just make sure not to wander down any dark alleys alone at night…

Mad Max Body Harness

One gothic accessory that is sure to turn heads this Halloween is a Mad Max inspired body harness. Reflect the post-apocalyptic ideas presented in Mad Max, and wear this body harness over a pair of leggings, ripped skirt, skimpy blouse, and bralette. This gothic accessory can hold whips, chains and other gothic toys you might find in a post-apocalyptic world by using old rope, old strips of leather, or anything else you might find on your travels to attach them to the harness. The more weird and wonderful, the more authentic Mad Max look, so let your mind run wild.

Pirate & Wrench Fishnet Tights

Dressing up as a pirate or a wrench is a classic Halloween idea, but you can easily incorporate gothic accessories and gothic jewelry into this look to give yourself a bit more edge! Consider our sexy high net stockings, for instance. Pair with a short skirt, a hoist for your gun and sword, and of course, a long black jacket for those cold nights at sea. Or, for a risque wrench look, rather than a jacket, choose a corset and see-through blouse to finish your gothic outfit idea.

Gothic Necklace Inspired By Crimson Peak

A 2015 gothic romance film directed by Guillermo del Toro and written by del Toro and Matthew Robbins, Crimson Peak tells the story of Edith Cushing, an aspiring author who moves to England after marrying the charming but mysterious Sir Thomas Sharpe.  But not everything is as it seems. In fact, this horrific tale is full of gothic suspense, and what better way to channel the gothic vibes of this film than with a gothic necklace inspired by the movie? Since Crimson Peak is all about Victorian gothic style, it would make sense to wear a gothic tassel choker to dress up as Edith Cushing this year! Pair with an elaborate and heavy gothic dress adorned with lace and for the perfect gothic Halloween look. Don’t forget a Victorian parasol too!

Slytherin House Snake Accessories

If you’re team Slytherin, then you’re going to need some serious gothic Slytherin accessories to show your house pride this Halloween! A gothic Slytherin snake leg ring is the perfect way to add a touch of gothic glamour to your Harry Potter costume, and it’s also a great way to show off your malevolent side. Or, if you want to go all out, why not try a gothic Slytherin snake necklace? This statement piece is sure to turn heads, and it’s the perfect way to show your gothic style. Team with a serpent bracelet for the ultimate nod to the death-eaters! Who knows, by wearing such a statement Slytherin piece, you may even attract Draco Malfoy’s attention!

Vikings Must-Have Halloween Accessories

Vikings, the epic TV series, has become one of the most popular gothic shows in recent years, and it’s no surprise that people are now looking to incorporate gothic Viking accessories into their Halloween costumes this year. A gothic Viking necklace is the perfect way to add a touch of gothic glamour to your costume, and it’s also a great way to show off your dark and dangerous side. Or choose these gorgeous dagger earrings as a visual reminder of how ready you are for battle. Wear as a single piece with your hair braided to reveal its true glory, or as a set as if you’re ready to visit Valhalla yourself.

Take your Viking look a step further by wearing our imprisoned heart metal thorn love ring on your finger. It represents a love that cannot be, or that your heart is well protected from others. Either way, it’s a pretty incredible piece of gothic jewelry to wear this Halloween.

Lolita Gothic Accessories

For those cute and glamorous goths who are a little obsessed with Japanese anime, perhaps you are looking to rock a dark Lolita style this spooky season. If so, gothic Lolita accessories are a must! While these bandage print high socks will help you channel your true and unique Lolita sense of style, we cannot get over how adorable this fluffy, bloody bat phone case is! Your Halloween pet will keep you company through this frightening time of year, keeping your phone safe and easy to find at all times.

Coraline Halloween Look

Another cult favorite; if you’re looking for a gothic Halloween costume that’s both spooky and cute, then look no further than Coraline! This gothic children’s book tells the story of a young girl who finds an alternate world that is better in some ways but also much more sinister. To get the perfect gothic Coraline look, start with a gothic black dress and add some gothic black tights that feature a delicate bow-knot detail. Then add a cute and almost child-like devil bag, and this romantic victorian lace-detailed phone case. Make sure to wear a button-up shirt and button skirt to really pull off this look. Just keep any needles and thread well away from your ‘mother,’ or you might get more than what you bargained for!

Morticia Addams Gothic Jewelry & Accessories

Black lace gloves that cover the entire lower arm are a must-have gothic accessory for anyone looking to dress up as Morticia Addams this Halloween. Her dark yet elegant gothic style demands intricate details, such as our gothic lace-up chocker. Since entertaining guests can get tiresome, Morticia Addams would likely carry a black gothic fan, to refresh herself during the dark days at her mansion. And she certainly wears diamond mesh fishnet stockings under her full-length skirts and corset dresses to charm her beloved husband after the sun-sets. Finish this classic Halloween look by wearing your hair down and straightened, with a bold, blood-red lip and long false eyelashes.

The Devil

Another sophisticated yet gothic glam Halloween outfit idea is ‘The Devil’. To master this look, you’ll first need a pair of these statement bad apple cat eye sunglasses. Now add a blood-red lip. Add a dark heart chocker with spike details and a metal skull clutch purse.  For the perfect gothic touch, wear a black lace garter with red details and carry a trident staff. Now you’re all set, looking shockingly good to take on Halloween as the Devil!

Whether you’re looking for striking gothic Viking accessories or cute and girly gothic Lolita accessories, we hope you’ve found some inspiration from our blog post. Halloween is the best time of year to embrace your dark and sinister side, so make sure to accessorize accordingly! Gothic jewelry and gothic accessories are a must-have to ensure that your gothic style is on point this Halloween, so shop our entire online collection now.

What gothic accessories will you be wearing this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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