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World Cup 2022 – Gothic WAG Style Icons

 World Cup 2022 – Gothic Footballers’ Wives Icons

It’s not just footballers who will be the talk of the town when the World Cup 2022 gets underway in Qatar. They will likely be joined by their wives and girlfriends, who often find themselves in the spotlight, but for different reasons. Footballers’ wives, also known as WAGS, are often the most beautiful and glamorous women in the world, and the outfits worn by the likes of Georgina Rodríguez, Antonela Roccuzzo and Pilar Rubio attract just as much attention as their partners’ performances on the pitch.

Gothic glamour is all the rage right now, and gothic celebrities, including footballers’ wives, know how to rock the look to the fullest, whether it’s glamorous outfits or dark and edgy accessories. Let’s explore what glam goth clothing footballers’ wives might be rocking at the World Cup 2022.

Mindful Gothic Glamor

Before we get stuck into gothic glamour, it’s important to remember that Qatar, the host of the World Cup 2022, is an Islamic country, and there are some rules around clothing that tourists are expected to observe. Although the rules are not as strict for visitors to the country as they are for the locals, footballers’ wives will be keen to stick to the rules so as not to cause bad publicity or, more importantly, not to offend the host of the World Cup 2022.

In private spaces, such as hotels and resorts, the rules don’t apply, but in public places, like shopping malls or museums, the general rule is that women should cover their shoulders and knees and dress modestly. That being said, glam goth clothing definitely has a place in Qatar, as long as it’s respectful of the traditions of the country.

Red Carpet Gothic Glamor

With press conferences, glitzy parties, and other star-studded events, the World Cup 2022 won’t just be about what happens on the pitch. Footballers’ wives are renowned for their style and glamour, none more so than Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. Her go-to item of clothing when she hits the red carpet is a head-turning dress. Our collection of dresses, like our V-Neck Strap Slit Dress and Night Bliss Slit Wrap Dress, will bring a touch of gothic glamour to any ensemble.  

Lionel Messi’s beautiful wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, knows how to rock a full-length ball gown, but she also isn’t afraid to show a bit more skin with classy knee-length dresses. Anything too far above the knee might raise a few eyebrows in conservative Qatar, so knee-length dresses and skirts are the perfect solution, just like our Show Your Affection Halloween Bat Sleeve Flower Dress or our Lace A-line Dress. If Antonela finds her favourite dress is on the short side, leggings can save the day, providing modesty while adding glam goth style, like our I Be Me Leggings.

There may be occasions when footballers’ wives may want to cover their shoulders while heading back to their hotels after attending a private function, for example. It can get a bit chilly at night in Qatar, so an extra layer made of light, delicate fabric is never a bad idea. For gothic celebrities and footballers’ wives alike looking to cover up but still maintain that gothic glamour look, a light open-fronted jacket, like our Chiffon Black Fairy Kimono or Late Night Feels Top, is perfect for those evenings when you want something light to keep out the chill, but don’t want to end up drowning in layers.

Casual Meets Gothic Glamor

It’s not all red-carpet events and glitzy parties, don’t forget that many of our best-loved footballers’ wives are also moms. There are times when full-length gowns and six-inch heels are just not practical. However, that doesn’t mean they have to forgo the glamour, whether they’re running around after the kids or hitting up a shopping mall.

Our girl Georgina Rodríguez is a busy mom-of-five and still rocks casual gothic glamour with skinny pants, like our Buckle Punk Pants or our Rock Leather Leggings Pants. For extra style (and perfect for more conservative Qatar) Georgina makes full use of stylish outerwear like blazers, cardigans and jackets, just like our Chain Cropped Blazer or our Black Buckle Bomber Jacket.

Antonela Roccuzzo knows how to rock the glamorous yet casual look. Her staple casual item is a simple T-shirt, but gothic glamour, with its bold colours and creative motifs, can take a simple T-shirt and make it a key part of glam goth clothing – just check out our stunning Anti Crazy Haters T-Shirt or our stunning Love Print BF Style T-Shirt. T-Shirts are also the perfect solution for Qatar’s clothing rules, as they cover the shoulders but will also keep you cool.

Casual doesn’t have to mean dull, as the ever-so-gorgeous Coleen Rooney, the wife of former English footballer Wayne Rooney, demonstrates daily. She’s often snapped by the paparazzi running errands in leggings and a hoodie but rocks it every time. Leggings like our Punk Grunge Plaid Tartan Red Leggings and Skeleton Skull Yoga Leisure Leggings will allow our footballers’ wives to rock the glam goth look while being comfy, with no red carpet required.

 Turning Heads with Stunning Shoes

No gothic glamour outfit would be complete without a pair of killer shoes. David Beckham’s gorgeous wife, Victoria (if the WAGs had a queen, she would be it), is rarely seen at an event without a pair of sky-high heels. The right shoes can turn an understated outfit into something sensational. With the addition of our Don’t Bother Snake Chain High-Heeled Sandals or our Boots High Heels Isabella will take any outfit to lofty heights.

At the World Cup 2022, not every day will be full on, and even footballers’ wives need some time to recharge their batteries and relax. Antonela Roccuzzo takes gothic glamour to the next level with her strappy sandals and understated yet fabulous platform shoes. Just because you’re relaxing, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo the glam goth look. Antonela would no doubt approve of our Hollow Out Platform Sandals or our Fish Mouth Platform Sandals, perfect for a trip to the shopping mall or coffee with the girls. And for those quiet nights in when you need a break from heels, our The Night Has No End Slippers are a cute yet stylish alternative.

Finishing Touches for Added Glamor

When you’re in a country where it’s important to respect the culture that surrounds you, simple accessories can make all the difference to glam goth clothing, allowing you to subtly display your personality without overdoing it. When there are restrictions on what can or can’t be worn, footballers’ wives will no doubt turn to gorgeous accessories to compliment their look and add extra gothic glamour.

Georgina Rodriguez is a jewellery connoisseur and enjoys an extensive collection of earrings and rings. A lover of all that glitters, Georgina would be a fan of our Diamond Heart Special Ring, which would glisten in the light of the Qatari sun. She would also appreciate our Imprisoned Heart Metal Thorn Love Ring, with its edgy design and easy wearability.

Whether they’re making their way through the airport, doing a spot of shopping, or simply out running errands, footballers’ wives are nearly always at the mercy of the paparazzi. A glam goth face covering is the perfect way for the likes of Coleen, Victoria, and Georgina to get a little privacy as they go about their day. Face masks like our Hide And Seek Spider Cotton Cloth Mask or our more extravagant End Of May 3D Wing Printed Masks will offer footballers’ wives a level of anonymity on those days when they would rather not be photographed. Furthermore, in a post-COVID-19 world, a face mask offers some protection from airborne infections.

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